MLB Teams on Twitter and Facebook: Two-Year Growth Rates

Phillies PhanaticWith a new baseball season underway I thought I’d check in on the 30 MLB teams on Twitter and Facebook. Which teams are seeing the most growth?

I have not done a sports team comparison post in quite a while, mainly because the figures quickly become outdated and total reach is not all that important to look at.

But one advantage of having done this in the past is that I have previous figures to compare against.

Since it has been two years since I did The Most Popular MLB Teams on Twitter and Facebook I thought it would be interesting to revisit this and capture the growth rate for all the teams.

MLB Teams on Twitter

First the teams’ official Twitter profiles.

Here are the 30 baseball clubs ranked by two-year growth rate:

  Twitter followers
Twitter followers
Growth Rate
1Milwaukee Brewers66,7561,6533938%
2Chicago White Sox53,6421,5243420%
3St. Louis Cardinals124,1753,9763023%
4Colorado Rockies36,4311,2372845%
5Chicago Cubs110,6484,5952308%
6Toronto Blue Jays110,6594,7752217%
7Boston Red Sox230,62110,1272177%
8Houston Astros29,2551,3362090%
9Texas Rangers132,5936,1492056%
10Cleveland Indians50,4082,3602036%
11Miami Marlins35,5201,8241847%
12Pittsburgh Pirates39,5432,6361400%
13Washington Nationals31,4672,1651353%
14San Francisco Giants239,97616,7421333%
15New York Mets82,6946,9161096%
16Arizona Diamondbacks34,1042,8851082%
17Tampa Bay Rays51,9874,6771012%
18Baltimore Orioles40,0143,657994%
19Atlanta Braves147,06014,626905%
20Los Angeles Angels46,5124,701889%
21Minnesota Twins71,6328,046790%
22San Diego Padres34,0633,996752%
23Detroit Tigers88,89911,493674%
24Cincinnati Reds81,06410,910643%
25Seattle Mariners45,8326,669587%
26Kansas City Royals47,5167,361546%
27Oakland Athletics40,9286,365543%
28Los Angeles Dodgers104,76018,371470%
29New York Yankees563,459272,665107%
30Philadelphia Phillies682,373561,22322%

Not surprisingly the baseball teams with massive growth rates are the ones that were just getting started a couple of years ago. But nice to see those clubs connecting with more fans.

I did not expect to see the Phillies at the bottom of the list but with all the success they’ve had in the past five years or so helped them build up a large following early on.

Plus the Phillies and Yankees were on Twitter’s old Suggested Users list which gave them a big advantage at the time.

Here are the teams ranked by current total followers:

  Twitter followers
Twitter followers
Growth Rate
1Philadelphia Phillies682,373561,22322%
2New York Yankees563,459272,665107%
3San Francisco Giants239,97616,7421333%
4Boston Red Sox230,62110,1272177%
5Atlanta Braves147,06014,626905%
6Texas Rangers132,5936,1492056%
7St. Louis Cardinals124,1753,9763023%
8Toronto Blue Jays110,6594,7752217%
9Chicago Cubs110,6484,5952308%
10Los Angeles Dodgers104,76018,371470%
11Detroit Tigers88,89911,493674%
12New York Mets82,6946,9161096%
13Cincinnati Reds81,06410,910643%
14Minnesota Twins71,6328,046790%
15Milwaukee Brewers66,7561,6533938%
16Chicago White Sox53,6421,5243420%
17Tampa Bay Rays51,9874,6771012%
18Cleveland Indians50,4082,3602036%
19Kansas City Royals47,5167,361546%
20Los Angeles Angels46,5124,701889%
21Seattle Mariners45,8326,669587%
22Oakland Athletics40,9286,365543%
23Baltimore Orioles40,0143,657994%
24Pittsburgh Pirates39,5432,6361400%
25Colorado Rockies36,4311,2372845%
26Miami Marlins35,5201,8241847%
27Arizona Diamondbacks34,1042,8851082%
28San Diego Padres34,0633,996752%
29Washington Nationals31,4672,1651353%
30Houston Astros29,2551,3362090%

I thought the Yankees and Red Sox would be at the top but nice job by the Phillies to be #1 despite the poorest two-year growth rate.

We’ll see if all the attention the new look, new stadium Miami Marlins are getting (both positive and negative) will start pushing their Twitter numbers up.

Right now approximately 30K followers is the bottom of the range. That is still fairly low (hey teams near the bottom, do some more promotion!) but up considerably from the low end of 1.5K two years ago.

MLB Teams on Facebook

Now a look at the official Facebook pages.

First the two-year growth rates:

  Facebook likes
Facebook likes
Growth Rate
1Texas Rangers1,223,799118,638932%
2Los Angeles Dodgers964,330171,098464%
3Cincinnati Reds525,26198,632433%
4San Diego Padres366,68077,636372%
5Pittsburgh Pirates315,02368,085363%
T-6Atlanta Braves1,095,495242,171352%
T-6Los Angeles Angels447,18598,922352%
8New York Yankees5,359,5341,249,555329%
9San Francisco Giants1,373,552321,164328%
10Toronto Blue Jays406,83798,513313%
11Colorado Rockies446,302109,960306%
12St. Louis Cardinals1,227,815305,230302%
13Detroit Tigers963,627248,167288%
14Tampa Bay Rays406,644107,636278%
T-15Arizona Diamondbacks237,98563,118277%
T-15Chicago White Sox854,104226,825277%
17Baltimore Orioles346,30892,042276%
18Seattle Mariners476,187135,240252%
19Philadelphia Phillies1,179,318337,405250%
20Cleveland Indians505,293147,130243%
21Milwaukee Brewers565,989169,004235%
22Boston Red Sox3,502,1761,052,128233%
23Washington Nationals138,70742,411227%
24Houston Astros404,990125,677222%
25New York Mets551,335181,531204%
26Miami Marlins244,33181,382200%
27Chicago Cubs1,583,999537,492195%
28Minnesota Twins742,815272,034173%
29Kansas City Royals281,070112,616150%
30Oakland Athletics305,993189,18762%

The Rangers have nearly twice the growth rate of any team which is not surprising considering they were in the World Series the last two seasons.

The Dodgers have also seen a lot of growth. This might partly be a large market getting more active or perhaps all the attention around the team sale has sparked more fan interest.

Overall the Facebook growth percentages are considerably smaller than Twitter but the teams have attracted much larger fan bases on Facebook. In many cases the 2010 Facebook numbers are still larger than the 2012 Twitter numbers.

Now the MLB team pages ranked by total likes:

  Facebook likes
Facebook likes
Growth Rate
1New York Yankees5,359,5341,249,555329%
2Boston Red Sox3,502,1761,052,128233%
3Chicago Cubs1,583,999537,492195%
4San Francisco Giants1,373,552321,164328%
5St. Louis Cardinals1,227,815305,230302%
6Texas Rangers1,223,799118,638932%
7Philadelphia Phillies1,179,318337,405250%
8Atlanta Braves1,095,495242,171352%
9Los Angeles Dodgers964,330171,098464%
10Detroit Tigers963,627248,167288%
11Chicago White Sox854,104226,825277%
12Minnesota Twins742,815272,034173%
13Milwaukee Brewers565,989169,004235%
14New York Mets551,335181,531204%
15Cincinnati Reds525,26198,632433%
16Cleveland Indians505,293147,130243%
17Seattle Mariners476,187135,240252%
18Los Angeles Angels447,18598,922352%
19Colorado Rockies446,302109,960306%
20Toronto Blue Jays406,83798,513313%
21Tampa Bay Rays406,644107,636278%
22Houston Astros404,990125,677222%
23San Diego Padres366,68077,636372%
24Baltimore Orioles346,30892,042276%
25Pittsburgh Pirates315,02368,085363%
26Oakland Athletics305,993189,18762%
27Kansas City Royals281,070112,616150%
28Miami Marlins244,33181,382200%
29Arizona Diamondbacks237,98563,118277%
30Washington Nationals138,70742,411227%

Here the Yankees and Red Sox take their expected positions and the Yankees are #1 by a large margin.

The Phillies are still top 10 but they are more in the pack on Facebook (again a testament to the power of the Twitter Suggested Users list).

The Nationals’ last place position on Facebook and #29 ranking on Twitter gives them the smallest combined following.


  1. says

    Thanks Quy, looks like I inverted the 4 and the 6. I’ve updated both Facebook tables. The Rockies’ Facebook growth rate is now 306% instead of 322%, which drops them down one place. It also moves them down one place in the total likes table.

  2. says

    Thank you for the post Adam. As someone who played University baseball in the States, I can appreciate any post that touches on the game. It is interesting to see MLB jump on the technology spotlight as well. I am not surprised by the top four, seeing as they have had the most success, and the most media coverage over the last few years. Any conclusions on what Twitter coverage is doing for ticket sales or season ticket sales?

    Loved the post,


  3. says

    Thanks Ryan, I’m glad you liked it. Great question about ticket and season ticket sales. I haven’t seen any data on that, but if I do I’ll let you know.

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