Look at That, a Google+ Audience That is Largely Female

Google+ genderThe demographics of Google+ are typically described as predominantly male and young. But that is not always the case; sites that are geared towards women are drawing a Google+ audience that is largely female.

For example, take a look at the +1 Audience Report from the Google Webmaster Tools profile of a major fashion site.

Its Google+ gender breakdown is 80% female, the largest majority I’ve come across to-date:

Google+ audience by gender

Gender breakdown of unique users that have +1’d a page on the site.

Women are the strong majority in every age group:

Google+ audience by age

Now for a fashion magazine site with a largely female readership that is hardly surprising. But in the first year of Google+ it has not been all that common to find audience data with women as the majority.

The main reason has been that many sites with a largely female audience have not had enough +1 activity to generate the audience characteristics reports, as seen in this example:

Google+ audience report no characteristics

This is still fairly common but it is slowly changing. The fashion site referenced above has less than 10K unique users that have +1’d a page but the numbers are growing and the +1’s are being driven by women.

And even if Google+ is not a strong traffic driver or seemingly natural fit for a particular site, +1 activity has a direct and indirect impact on search engine visibility. So for any type of site it is worth experimenting with Google+ promotion and engagement (see 8 Social Media Questions Publishers Should Be Asking Themselves).

Here are a few more examples. I am not able to reveal the exact sites due to client confidentially but they are all well-known, established brands.

Women’s Site

Google+ audience 79% female

Food Site

Google+ audience 74% female

Entertainment Site

Google+ audience 63% female


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    Google+ data is tied to the search engine algorithm. If for no other reason, you should have a Google+ presence. As people continue to grow wary of Facebook and its privacy policies, Google+ could see its user base grow.

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    I must agree with Guy that this data is really surprising; I didn’t expect such a thing. I was just going through some Google+ statistics on Socialbakers. However, I wanted to look for more gender-related statistics and this was rather a surprise.

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