Fortune 100 Need to Get More Creative with Twitter

While many companies now have some form of presence on Twitter, how well are they utilizing it? According to a new study by Weber Shandwick, when it comes to the Fortune 100 the answer is not so well.

Among the Fortune 100 Twitter accounts analyzed by Weber Shandwick 53% did not convey any personality, tone or voice and 15% were either inactive or placeholders:

Weber Shandwick - Twitter Fortune 100 Account Branding

Additionally, 26% of the accounts were primarily used for a one-way flow of information that offered no engagement with followers and only 9% of the accounts focused on customer service:

Weber Shandwick - Twitter Fortune 100 Account Purpose

The end result for the Fortune 100? No so many tweets and understandably not so many followers:

Weber Shandwick - Twitter Fortune 100 Tweets

As I covered in my Diversified Twitter Strategies for News Sites post there’s no “right” way to utilize Twitter. Every company needs to come up with its own customized strategy that fits its corporate culture while meeting the needs of its customer base. But since a single Twitter account cannot be all things to all people it is important for companies to experiment with a diversified approach.

Corporations also need to make sure that the desire to play it safe does not rob their Twitter efforts of creativity. If you are not providing value to your followers (by being some combination of informative, interesting, engaging, insightful, valueable, etc.) you are going to lose your audience and the resulting opportunities from having that relationship.

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