Alicia Keys Facebook Page: I’d Sign Up if She Asked Me All Cool

Want to use your Facebook Page to build out your mailing list? Alicia Keys knows how to do it.

Users who go to the “Sign Up” tab on her Facebook Page get a personal appeal from Alicia Keys herself, extolling the virtues of her mailing list. Here’s how the video appears on the sign-up form (watch it here):

Alicia Keys Facebook Page - Mailing List Video

I have no idea what kind of following she’s built up but this direct, multimedia approach is certainly increasing the conversion rate on the form. Users who sign up see a second video with a thank you message from Keys.

Now not every business will have as engaging a representative but that does not mean a personal video appeal isn’t applicable beyond celebrity. The key takeaway: the more ways you can bring your Facebook Pages to life, the better.

I noticed that in addition to the email list users can sign up for text and voice updates via mobile phone. Perhaps for that Alicia Keys should adopt the same style as she did in her Saturday Night Live digital short:

Just saying. :)


  1. Sammy says

    Hi Alicia, Im Sammy how are you doing. Wanna say i adore your music, i think your the best artist eva and that makes you my favourite. I also would like to congratulate you on the birth of your little man Egypt. And i love the name :)XX. Have a brilliant future with your music and you being a mum which i think you will be fab at as you are a wonderful loving person i have known.

    Loveyou millions

    Sammy xxx

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