Yahoo! Search Data (@YahooSearchData) a Good Source of Trending Topics for Lifestyle Publishers

Yahoo! Search Data - @YahooSearchData on TwitterNow that the Hot Searches list on Google Trends has been stripped down publishers are moving to other sources for monitoring search trends.

Specific to lifestyle publishers the Google data was never all that useful anyway since it was dominated by topics like breaking news, sports and entertainment.

So what’s a lifestyle site covering things like food, fashion or home to do?

One good source is @YahooSearchData on Twitter.

I’d given Yahoo! Search Data a shout-out in Search Trend Optimization for Evergreen Content but it continues to be a useful resource so I wanted to bring it up again.

While it covers trending topics in all areas, searches that are relevant to lifestyle publishers are often featured.

Take a look at some recent tweets:

Now just because something is trending on Yahoo/Bing doesn’t mean that it is trending on Google too but it will certainly be a possibility. And they share a wide range of data that will be of interest to a variety of different publishers.

So I’d recommend including @YahooSearchData in your toolkit for monitoring trending topics.

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