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Blekko logoWith Blekko officially launching this week the new search engine is getting a lot of attention particularly in the search marketing community because of SEO data it provides.

There is a good overview of Blekko’s SEO Tools on Search Engine Land so I won’t go into detail on that here. But I was curious to compare the data provided for major news sites. I’d previously done this for SEOmoz domain authority and page speed so I thought I’d add Blekko to the mix.

To access Blekko’s SEO data for a domain or a specific URL click the “seo” link within Blekko’s search results:

New York Times search result on Blekko

Or simply type the domain or URL into the search box followed by “/seo”:

New York Times SEO data on Blekko

You can also access the SEO data through the Blekko toolbar.

For the purposes of comparison I pulled the hostrank, inbound links and site pages data for 30+ major news sites. As usual I picked a cross-section of news outlets that cover national/international news including newspapers, magazines, TV, wires and Web-only properties.

In the table below the news sites are ranked by hostrank. Blekko doesn’t provide information on how the hostrank scores are calculated but think of it roughly along the lines of Google’s PageRank or SEOMoz’s mozRank (though on a different scale).

  HostrankInbound linksSite pages
1BBC News7,660.65,841,7001,642,485
2The New York Times7,487.411,147,0625,841,700
3The Guardian6,498.44,618,4391,313,891
5The Washington Post5,577.64,618,4391,076,024
6USA Today5,361.76,726,137747,573,420.72,690,257344,277
11ABC News3,881.82,364,120456,416
13Yahoo News3,779.87,476,2791,182,060
14Los Angeles Times3,735.33,171,208320,845
15The Wall Street Journal3,728.04,618,439672,564
17The Boston Globe3,600.22,392,058756,408
18Fox News3,561.82,886,736360,842
19The Economist3,403.91,051,036233,634
20The Huffington Post3,255.66,342,415378,204
21Daily Mail (UK)3,226.02,229,249956,753
22San Francisco Chronicle3,222.72,029,275525,518
23CBS News3,177.11,783,268570,562
24The Financial Times3,008.01,495,146306,116
25The Christian Science Monitor2,823.6688,55469,664
27Chicago Tribune2,587.21,936,119212,676
28New York Daily News2,419.82,448,9291,329,418
31San Jose Mercury News1,736.4721,684484,030
34AOL News870.14,106,51251,934

BBC News and The New York Times lead the pack with The Guardian, CNN and The Washington Post not too far behind. It is interesting that BBC News beats out the NYT despite having significantly fewer (reported) inbound links and indexed pages.

A large group of sites have hostrank scores in the 3,000s or 4,000s so there is not a lot of separation between the news organizations in the middle of the pack.

The AOL News hostrank figure seems strangely low but I doubled checked it and that’s what Blekko is reporting:

Aol News SEO data on Blekko

Side note: when I compared news sites on social media engagement there was a question about which domain was used for MSNBC. As with the PostRank data used in that post, even though the MSNBC site is on the Blekko data for shows larger figures so I used that domain instead.

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