Search Marketing Dwarfs Social Media in Interactive Marketing Budgets

This week both Brian Solis and SEOMoz made reference to a recent Forrester report forecasting US interactive marketing budgets for the next five years. You can check out their posts for the aspects of the report they covered. What caught my eye was the chart on budget allocation across various industries in 2009:

Forrester 2009 Interactive Marketing Budgets by Industry

As you can see search marketing got a much greater share of interactive marketing budgets than social media. With all the (justifiable) industry focus on social media this year it’s interesting to note that search marketing is still getting the lion’s share of spending. When it comes to interactive media buys it looks like Google and the other search engines still offer marketers the best opportunities online.

According to Forrester that trend will continue:

Forrester US Interactive Marketing Spend 2009-2014

Forrester US Search Marketing Spend


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    It is indeed interesting to see that search is holding its own. Reminds my of the initial reluctance of marketers to move any dollars away from channels that have ‘worked’ so well traditionally like broadcast. Search is seeing the same thing happen, now that’s its a proven bet marketers are hesitant to stray.

    Interesting to see the category breakouts as well, particularly the lower search spend in aeras like consumer goods.

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