Great Example of a Multimedia News Article from

Recently I wrote about the importance of including meaningful content in videos embedded in press releases. Today I came across a great example of how to incorporate video and other multimedia content into a news article.

This article on Michael Vick signing with the Philadelphia Eagles features a video player right below the headline with links to four different videos, each of which adds more substance to the article:

ESPN article with embedded videos

Later in the article there’s also a link to an ESPN Radio podcast featuring an interview with one of Vick’s former teammates:

Podcast embedded in article

And ESPN supplements the article with a special “Vick Signs With Eagles” sidebar that includes links to more news, blog and video coverage:

Article sidebar with related links

The end result is an informative, engaging user experience on a page with strong topical relevancy. That relevancy combined with the fact that the article is likely to be shared and linked to frequently strengthens its ability to compete for search engine visibility.

So far Google seems to agree. As of today the article is #1 (after some embedded news results) for the query “michael vick eagles”:

Google results for michael vick eagles

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