Google News Tip for Google+ Embedded Posts

A quick tip for news publishers on using Google+ embedded posts.

When embedding a Google+ post in a news article, be sure to include enough original editorial text to meet the 80 word minimum for Google News indexation. The same goes for Facebook Embedded Posts, Embedded Tweets and any other form of embedded multimedia.

The content within the embedded post does not contribute towards the total word count in the article.

Google+ embedded posts

It is fine to have editorial text before and after the embedded content, but aim to include at least 80 words prior to it.

As I covered in The Most Common Google News Errors, when there is not at least 80 words prior to a break in the article body this sometimes triggers an “article fragmented” error, or an incorrect “article too short” or “article disproportionally short” error.

I also want to emphasize that this tip applies only to articles and blog posts that are eligible for Google News indexation. There is no minimum word count for Web search indexation, although it is good to have more than 80-100 words regardless to avoid creating thin content pages.

For the technical details on Google+ embedded posts check out the support content on Google Developer.

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