Help Haiti: News Sites Promote Ways to Donate

As the devastation and human tragedy caused by the Haiti earthquake grows, people are flocking to the news media for information, and more importantly to learn ways that they can help.

I’ve been impressed by how much attention the media has given to promoting ways that people can make donations. Aid organizations are racing against time to save as many lives as they can, and what they need most right now is money. Unfortunately there are increasing reports of donation fraud online, so major news organizations are playing a vital role in directing people to credible, legitimate groups.

Here are some of the news sites sharing information on how to donate to relief organizations helping the Haiti earthquake victims:

I’m sure there are many more; if you know of any please let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

Social media users are doing their part too. Word of mouth on Twitter, Facebook and other sites (including The White House blog) has raised over $2 million to-date through mobile phone donations organized by mGive. And “Yele” is being frequently posted throughout the Web as users spread the word about Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti Foundation.

Mobile phone donations have gone very well. As of January 18th mGive has raised $21 million and they are hoping to reach $30 million shortly, crediting repeated media coverage for the success of the effort.

CNN has launched Looking for Loved Ones in Haiti to help people trying to connect with missing family and friends. The Red Cross and Google also have tools for this purpose.


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    Thanks Jack. Looks like those pages are more about editorial coverage than specific information on relief organizations. But on the first page I saw a link to a “Where to Donate” page, which I’ve added to the list above.

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