Not a Bad Gimmick: The World’s Highest Press Release

London-based Houston PR is blasting out (yes, that’s an intended pun) a gimmicky press release to announce its relocation and rebranding.

It has put out what it believes to be the world’s highest press release:

While I’m not a particular fan of PR gimmicks or shotgun pitches I like this one, so I’ll bite. I also think if you manage to get your press release 27 miles above the earth that deserves a shout-out.

And it gives me a chance to point out that the release is free of links with optimized anchor text, which is something you want to watch out for these days (when you are distributing them on other sites, per Google’s guidelines on link schemes).

So what do you think – was this press release a good idea?


  1. Carey O'Donnell says

    Brilliant launch platform, people. Provides plenty of delicious fuel for thought. Those people are stars.

  2. says

    Well, indeed the press release is not a bad gimmick. Indeed, any pitch that is carried out above the earth deserves commendation. The guys at Houston PR has really shown some creativity in the press release and I am sure many brands are likely to copy this!

    I upvoted this post in kingged where it was shared for online marketers and bloggers.

  3. David Richards says

    At least they didn’t say their company was, “out of this world.” Seriously, a company that is thinking out of the box, may mean they mean business. Going to great lengths, pardon the pun, gives them some credibility.

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