News Organizations on Google+: Which Pages Get the Most Engagement?

ABC News on Google+

News organizations (along with businesses of all kinds) have been able to create official Google+ pages for a couple months now so I thought I’d check in and see how their pages are doing. I’m going to forgo looking at which media outlets have … [Continue reading]

My Top Posts of 2011 on SEO, PR and Social Media for Publishers

New Year's Eve party hat

As another year comes to a close I thought I’d finish off with a roundup of this year’s most popular posts. Original idea! Nevertheless, here are my top 10 posts of 2011 by pageviews: … [Continue reading]

Beyond Facebook Insights: Useful Facebook Analytics Tools

PageLever logo

What are the best third-party tools for advanced Facebook analytics? It’s a question I’m asked fairly often so I thought I’d do a round-up of options that are worth checking out. It is fair to say that Facebook is getting better at providing this … [Continue reading]

Pinterest: Great Opportunity for Lifestyle Publishers and Brands

Pinterest - recent pins

Pinterest is getting a lot of attention these days and deservedly so. The photo and video sharing site offers great opportunities for promoting lifestyle content and reaching niche audiences and specific demographics. Need a primer on Pinterest? … [Continue reading]

Does Google Freshness Update Make Online Reputation Management More Difficult?

Joe Paterno - Google freshness results

Google’s recent algorithm change that favors the most recent content for certain types of queries offers good opportunities for news and content sites. But for individuals and organizations, does the Freshness Update make online reputation management … [Continue reading]

Journalists on Facebook: Official Pages or Subscribe Button on Regular Profiles?

Rebecca Jarvis CBS News on Facebook

I was talking with John Shehata from ABC News yesterday about Facebook, and he brought up an interesting question. What’s a better approach for journalists, creating official Facebook Pages or enabling the subscribe button on their regular … [Continue reading]

Press Release Optimization Checklist and Tips

Press release optimization doesn't get the attention it once did, at least within the SEO community. But a considerable number of releases are distributed over the wires and added to online pressrooms every day, so it is still an important tactic for … [Continue reading]

The Washington Post Social Reader on Facebook: Good First Impression, Good User Experience

The Washington Post Social Reader

Based on first impressions, I have to say I like The Washington Post’s Social Reader on Facebook. It offers a clean, simple user experience – big and open with lots of white space (in fact too big to capture well in a screenshot): (click … [Continue reading]

Hey, I Got the Lead Sentence in a Spammy Scraper Article

Example of scraped article spam

When I got a Google Alert that my name appeared in an article on NFL jerseys, I wasn’t quite sure what was going on. Perhaps a reference to one of my social media super bowl posts? Nope! Instead it seems I’d been given the honor of being in the … [Continue reading]

Google News Not Always So Great at Favoring Original Sources

Google News Facebook Music story cluster

News publishers are all too familiar with the fact that Google News doesn’t always do such a great job of favoring original sources in its story clusters. It is not usual to see a syndicated, aggregated or simply re-covered version of an article gain … [Continue reading]