The Fastest and Slowest News Sites in 2012

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It has been a couple years now since page speed has been an official Google ranking factor and one year since the launch of PageSpeed Online, the Web-based version of Google's tool for analyzing site performance. So I thought I'd check in on the … [Continue reading]

MLB Teams on Twitter and Facebook: Two-Year Growth Rates

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With a new baseball season underway I thought I’d check in on the 30 MLB teams on Twitter and Facebook. Which teams are seeing the most growth? I have not done a sports team comparison post in quite a while, mainly because the figures quickly … [Continue reading]

Pinterest Traffic to Magazine Sites Up 141% But Figures Still Modest

Pinterest traffic trends

Yes, this is indeed another post about Pinterest. But fear not, I come with real data to share albeit it in aggregated and anonymized format. It is well established that Pinterest offers great opportunities for lifestyle publishers but how well is … [Continue reading]

Pew Study: Facebook Users Get 70% of News Links from Friends and Family, Not News Orgs

Pew Research Center - State of the News Media 2012 - news sources

The Pew Research Center’s The State of the News Media 2012 is out and the section on What Facebook and Twitter Mean for News makes for an interesting read. The figures on where users get their news links from is already being covered as a sign … [Continue reading]

SEO and Social Media for Publishers: A Low-Rent Infographic

SEO and social media infographic

SEO and social media are now vital components of audience development for publishers of all shapes and sizes, but there are still huge opportunities for improvement. Since infographics are still (kind of) the rage I’ve been meaning to publish one … [Continue reading]

8 Social Media Questions Publishers Should Be Asking Themselves

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For most publishers social media has earned itself a prominent seat at the audience development table. However many still face issues with strategy, execution and incorporating social into a cohesive program. This week I took part in an OPA Social … [Continue reading]

5 Good Ideas for News Media Facebook Pages

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What are news organizations doing to increase user activity and engagement on their Facebook pages? To be clear, a large part of any Facebook strategy focuses on newsfeed visibility and on-site promotion through tactics like EdgeRank optimization, … [Continue reading]

StumbleUpon Channels: Which Media Brands Are Doing Well?

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It has been a couple months since StumbleUpon rolled out its Channel pages for all members so I thought I’d check in and see how media brands are doing. StumbleUpon Channels are a good opportunity for publishers (and any business involved in … [Continue reading]

The Best Free Tools for Twitter Analytics

Twitter Web Analytics

What are the best free tools for analyzing a Twitter profile? During a social media audit I like to run a company’s Twitter profiles through some basic analysis tools to set benchmarks and compare them to competitors. I got good response to my … [Continue reading]

Publisher Survey: Reddit Traffic Way Up, Digg Way Down

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The rise of Reddit and the steady decline of Digg have been well documented. Just recently Reddit announced that its traffic has more than doubled in less than a year (to 2.07 billion pageviews in December), an impressive feat. Has this … [Continue reading]