What Famous TV Catchphrases Can Teach You About Enterprise SEO

Gary Coleman - Arnold Jackson Diff'rent Strokes

This was going to be my next enterprise SEO column for Search Engine Land until I thought twice about submitting it there. However I don't want to waste it either so I'll give it a try here. I'm not sure where this falls in the fun to cheesy … [Continue reading]

Hey Sports Teams Quit Telling Me to LIKE your Facebook Posts

Philadelphia 76ers - Andrew Bynum Press Conference Facebook post

Lately I've been noticing a lot of Facebook posts in my news feed with a specific request to "LIKE" the post. Sports teams are among the biggest offenders: … [Continue reading]

5 Ways that Social Media Impacts SEO

Annotated Google SERP for Melky Cabrera

I was invited to contribute a column to an upcoming social media guidebook from Media Industry Newsletter and Folio. I thought I'd share it here along with some links to additional resources. It is intended to be a general overview for publishers. … [Continue reading]

Survey: Pinterest a Great Source of Links for Publishers. What Types of Sites Get the Most Links?

Pinterest Links and Linked Pages in Google Webmaster Tools

As Pinterest continues to grow in popularity and usage it is becoming not only an important source of traffic and engagement for publishers but also a good source of links. What types of sites get the most links from Pinterest? I spend a lot of … [Continue reading]

Fox News Has Highest Customer Satisfaction Rating Among News Sites – By Far

ForSee ASCI customer satisfaction study - news and information sites

Which news site has the highest customer satisfaction rating? FoxNews.com – by far. Who fared the worst? HuffingtonPost.com. These are the findings of the annual ForeSee American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) E-Business Report that was … [Continue reading]

Look at That, a Google+ Audience That is Largely Female

Google+ audience by gender

The demographics of Google+ are typically described as predominantly male and young. But that is not always the case; sites that are geared towards women are drawing a Google+ audience that is largely female. For example, take a look at the +1 … [Continue reading]

Yahoo! Search Data (@YahooSearchData) a Good Source of Trending Topics for Lifestyle Publishers

Yahoo! Search Data - @YahooSearchData on Twitter

Now that the Hot Searches list on Google Trends has been stripped down publishers are moving to other sources for monitoring search trends. Specific to lifestyle publishers the Google data was never all that useful anyway since it was dominated … [Continue reading]

Local TV News Teams Having Fun with Pinterest

Matt Mosler and Mallory Hardin - KARK 4 Today

While Pinterest is a natural fit for lifestyle publishers there are good opportunities for broadcast media too. Today Kim Wilson and I are leading a social media workshop for a group of local TV and radio stations. In preparing for the Pinterest … [Continue reading]

Media Relations Gone Wrong: How Not to Pitch a Journalist (Video)

media relations mistakes - how not to pitch a journalist

The Internet and social media have certainly made it easier to conduct media relations in a more efficient and less intrusive way. At my first PR job I had to type in contact addresses from the hard-copy Bacon’s guide so we could mail merge and … [Continue reading]

SEO Metrics for Publishers: How are You Tracking and Measuring Success?

up and down arrows

Your sites have been audited, improvements have been made and there is more to come in the road map. The technical, editorial and marketing teams are trained in SEO best practices and are integrating them into the daily workflow. Sounds good, but are … [Continue reading]