Do People Search for “Breaking News”? home page title tag

Among news sites “breaking news” is a sought-after keyword phrase; I see it prominently placed in home page title tags all the time: And it’s not just general news sites. “Breaking news” is featured in the title tags of sites … [Continue reading]

Google JavaScript Changes Put Publishers in Violation of Sponsored Link Guidelines

sponsored links in JavaScript

Last week at the Google I/O developer conference it was announced that Google is now able to execute JavaScript onClick events, which basically means that links in JavaScript that were previously inaccessible can now be read and pass PageRank. … [Continue reading]

Your Mom’s Coming to Facebook But She May Not Stick Around

US Facebook Audience Growth -

Inside Facebook published some new statistics this week on Facebook’s US audience growth over the last 60 days. Interestingly, users over 55 decreased by 650,000 during this period: This is a big change from the previous 60 days which had … [Continue reading]

Where Do You Want Your Social Media Press Releases to Live?

Gerber Gear - PitchEngine newsroom

The discussion about HubSpot’s post on the syndication of social media press releases vs. traditional press releases called my attention again to PitchEngine, a platform for creating and sharing social media releases (SMRs). PitchEngine is a good … [Continue reading]

Google News Wants Title Tags to Match Headlines? article link in Google News

In looking over a post on the Google News blog from a few months ago on ways to help Google News better crawl your site this tip in particular caught my eye: * Article Titles in Google News In order for Google News to crawl the correct titles … [Continue reading]

So Far so Good for

Hearst released some numbers this week on how things are going with two months after moving to an online-only model. From their statement: Two months after becoming the nation’s largest newspaper to move to an all-digital news … [Continue reading]

Hitwise Reports News and Media’s Share of Search-Referred Traffic Declining

Hitwise Share of Search-Referred Traffic by Industry April 2009

According to data released by Hitwise a few days ago News & Media is one of the few categories showing a YoY decline in share of search-referred traffic: Fortunately the majority of sites we work with in this category are bucking the trend, as … [Continue reading]

Newsweek’s Tim Geithner Interview Live on Facebook: Don’t Forget to Link to the Video Afterwards

Newsweek Facebook page with Tim Geithner interview

Today Newsweek offered live streaming of Jon Meacham's interview with Treasury Security Tim Geithner on its Facebook page. This is a good example of how publishers are attempting to add more value to their official pages on social media sites which … [Continue reading]

New York Times Plans to Implement Permanent Redirects on URLs

For anyone who’s been following the story of the shutting down of and the migration of International Herald Tribune content to the New York Times Global Edition, there has certainly been criticism over the lack of permanent redirects from the … [Continue reading]

Rich Snippets: Increase Google Visibility for Reviews through Microformats

Google Rich Snippet for Turkish Kitchen NYC

One of the announcements at Searchology yesterday was a new enhancement called Rich Snippets, in which Google is using structured data embedded in web pages (microformats and RDFa) to give users "convenient summary information about their search … [Continue reading]