The Daily Show Visits The New York Times

I couldn't resist sharing this great video from The Daily Show of Jason Jones visiting The New York Times. The back-and-forth with Assistant Managing Editor Rick Burke about "aged news" is my favorite part. :) … [Continue reading]

Do People Search for “Breaking News”? home page title tag

Among news sites “breaking news” is a sought-after keyword phrase; I see it prominently placed in home page title tags all the time: And it’s not just general news sites. “Breaking news” is featured in the title tags of sites … [Continue reading]

Google News Wants Title Tags to Match Headlines? article link in Google News

In looking over a post on the Google News blog from a few months ago on ways to help Google News better crawl your site this tip in particular caught my eye: * Article Titles in Google News In order for Google News to crawl the correct titles … [Continue reading]

So Far so Good for

Hearst released some numbers this week on how things are going with two months after moving to an online-only model. From their statement: Two months after becoming the nation’s largest newspaper to move to an all-digital news … [Continue reading]