Alicia Keys Facebook Page: I’d Sign Up if She Asked Me All Cool

Alicia Keys Facebook Page - Mailing List Video

Want to use your Facebook Page to build out your mailing list? Alicia Keys knows how to do it. Users who go to the “Sign Up” tab on her Facebook Page get a personal appeal from Alicia Keys herself, extolling the virtues of her mailing list. Here's … [Continue reading]

Help Haiti: News Sites Promote Ways to Donate

As the devastation and human tragedy caused by the Haiti earthquake grows, people are flocking to the news media for information, and more importantly to learn ways that they can help. I’ve been impressed by how much attention the media has given … [Continue reading]

The Most Popular NBA Teams on Twitter and Facebook


NBA players, like many professional athletes, have taken social media by storm but what about their teams? Fans love hearing directly from players but they also identify strongly with the teams themselves. Twitter and Facebook offer a great … [Continue reading]

PEJ Study Shows Print Still Primary Source of Original News Reporting

PEJ Study of News Ecosystem

The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism released a study today of the modern news ecosystem, examining a week of news activity in Baltimore, MD. You can get the details from the study itself but I wanted to point out a couple … [Continue reading]

Hearst Skiff Reader Looks Cool

Hearst Skiff Reader front view

Hearst’s Skiff Reader is being unveiled at CES this week. My professional, analytical opinion is it looks pretty darn good. … [Continue reading]

Newsweek on Tumblr: Good Effort, Needs More Engagement

Newsweek Tumblr

Awareness of Newsweek’s Tumblr site has been increasing of late. It’s actually been around for a while but Newsweek seems to have been giving it more attention over the past few months. I like it. The layout is clean and simple, the content is … [Continue reading]

My Top 10 Posts of 2009 on News Media, SEO and Social Media

I was going to post this last week but then opted wisely for letting myself enjoy a holiday break. Also I’ve only been blogging here for about six months so I’m still building up momentum. But since all the cool kids have been sharing their top … [Continue reading]

How to Identify Your Own Top Trends

Yesterday Facebook shared its Top Status Trends of 2009, providing insight into what terms most commonly occurred in users’ status updates. Last week Twitter gave us their Top Twitter Trends of 2009 for categories like news events, people, movies, … [Continue reading]

Search Marketing Dwarfs Social Media in Interactive Marketing Budgets

Forrester 2009 Interactive Marketing Budgets by Industry

This week both Brian Solis and SEOMoz made reference to a recent Forrester report forecasting US interactive marketing budgets for the next five years. You can check out their posts for the aspects of the report they covered. What caught my eye was … [Continue reading]

Will Publishers Add Cross-Domain Rel=Canonical to Syndication Deals?

Yesterday Google announced that it is now supporting the rel="canonical" link element (sometimes referred to as the canonical URL tag) across different domains. This means that in addition to using the tag to help sort of duplicate content issues on … [Continue reading]