NBA Playoff Teams Ranked by Facebook Page Engagement

Los Angeles Lakers Facebook page

So Lebron and Kobe may (or may not) be heading towards a much-hyped NBA Finals matchup, but the real question on fans’ minds is: Which NBA playoff teams have the most user engagement on their Facebook Pages? Ok fans could care less about that, but … [Continue reading]

25 Major News Sites Ranked by Page Speed

The Wall Street Journal page speed

Now that site speed is officially a Google ranking factor site performance and page load time are important for SEO as well as usability. So how well do major news sites perform in these areas? To get a basic idea I ran Page Speed, the open source … [Continue reading]

The Most Popular MLB Teams on Twitter and Facebook


UPDATE: For more current figures plus links to all the MLB team Twitter profiles and Facebook Pages, see MLB Teams on Twitter and Facebook: Two-Year Growth Rates. A new baseball season is underway and we are in that wonderfully brief period when … [Continue reading]

Does Google Want Brands in Your Social Circle?

Snapshot of Google Social Circle

It has been a couple months since Google Social Search was made available in beta to all users on so I thought I would revisit it from a marketing perspective. As I covered when Social Search initially launched in Google Labs, for … [Continue reading]

Real-time Search Optimization for News Sites

Google real-time search results

The major search engines are making real-time search a priority, resulting in good visibility opportunities for news sites especially for breaking news. Google, Bing and Yahoo are all experimenting with various forms of real-time results now and … [Continue reading]