More Content Shared on Facebook but Twitter Click-through Rate Much Higher

Content sharing statistics for Facebook and Twitter

What gets more traction for publishers: content shared on Facebook or Twitter? According to the Social Media Sharing Trends 2010 report from SocialTwist, Facebook dominates content sharing among social media sites but links shared on Twitter have a … [Continue reading]

Which News Sites Get the Most Social Media Engagement?

PostRank scores for The New York Times, CNN and BBC News

It is safe to say that most news sites are now experimenting with various forms of user engagement and content promotion through social media. In recent years many larger news organizations were still coming to terms with the need for a social … [Continue reading]

What Horrible Things Did Time Magazine Do in 1964?

Fact Magazine 1964 - Time Magazine article illustration

Was Time magazine “scurrilous and utterly shameless in its willingness to distort” in 1964? In a used bookstore over the weekend I came across some old issues of Fact: magazine. I’m not familiar with Fact: but Wikipedia tells me it was published … [Continue reading]

The Most Popular NFL Teams on Twitter and Facebook: 2010 Season


With a new football season under way I thought I’d take a look again at the NFL teams that have attracted the largest following to their official Twitter profiles and Facebook pages. The usual caveats: Social media isn’t a popularity contest … [Continue reading]

Pew Research News Survey: Findings on Search Engines, Social Networks and Twitter

Pew Research Center for the People and the Press Survey - Search Engines

The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press has published the results of its latest survey on news consumption and related topics. The content on search engines and social media gets a little lost among all the stats and charts so I thought … [Continue reading]

Why the News Business Isn’t Profitable

Everything I Know about Marketing I Learned from Google - Aaron Goldman

This is a guest post from Aaron Goldman, author of Everything I Know about Marketing I Learned from Google. Aaron is doing a blog tour in support of the book launch (covering 30 blogs in 10 days) which I thought was an interesting concept. I've been … [Continue reading]

The Most Popular News Sites on YouTube

LA Times YouTube Channel

YouTube is both a major opportunity and an interesting challenge for news sites. News organizations want to drive video impressions to their own sites but since YouTube dominates the online video world they need to have a presence there. So whether … [Continue reading]

Do Google’s Expanded Domain Results Apply to News and Video Listings?

Google results for Iraq troops nytimes

As first covered by Malcolm Coles and later confirmed by Google, for search queries that include a specific domain Google is now showing a larger number of results from that site on page one. This gives publishers the opportunity for greater exposure … [Continue reading]

JVC Facebook Page Sweepstakes a Big Success. But Does it Violate Facebook Guidelines?

JVC Like it to Win it Facebook Page sweepstakes

Over on All Facebook there is an interesting post on how JVC USA is using a “Like it to Win it” sweepstakes to rapidly build up fans and drive frequent engagement on the JVC Facebook Page. Developed with RFI Studios (part of Ruder Finn), the campaign … [Continue reading]

NBC Targets Local Markets on the New Digg

NBC Philadelphia profile on new Digg

Through branded profiles and the personalized “My News” feature on the new Digg, publishers are hoping that building up followers who view them as a preferred or trusted source will enable them to reach a larger number of users on a regular basis. … [Continue reading]