Google Social Search: Are You in Your Target Audiences’ Social Circles?

Google Social Search Results

This week Google unveiled Google Social Search, an opt-in feature that provides additional search results with content from a user’s “social circle” of friends and trusted sources. A limited number of listings will appear at the bottom of the main search result pages or users can drill down to see more extensive listings: Currently a […]

Social Media Visitors More Loyal But Still a Very Small Percentage of Site Traffic

Chitikia referrals September 2009

Yesterday posts from eMarketer and Marketing Pilgrim called my attention to some interesting social media statistics put out by advertising network Chitika. First, a study of 33 million unique users from Chitika’s network in September showed that visitors coming from Facebook and Digg were more loyal than those coming from the three major search engines […]

A Closer Look at Fan Engagement on the Fox News Facebook Page

Fox News Faceboook - Tea party comments

My post on Facebook Page engagement for news sites has drawn some interest in the fact that Fox News averages many more “likes” and comments per update than any other news site despite having significantly fewer fans than CNN, NPR or The New York Times. So I thought I’d take a closer look at what […]

Facebook Pages: Which News Sites Get the Most Engagement?

Now that the improved Facebook Pages have been around for a while I wanted to check the level of engagement that major news sites are achieving with them. Most news sites have an official Facebook Page now, with the typical approach being to add a daily stream of links to new content while promoting site […]

Diversified Twitter Strategies for News Sites

This week’s Sysomos study of the 5% most active users on Twitter includes a list of the top 25 users (with more than 50,000 followers) ranked by average tweets per day. @foxnews tops the list averaging 135.85 tweets per day. @nytimes and @time also made the top 25, averaging 39.25 and 29.22 tweets respectively. Is […]

The Most Buried News Sites on Digg

It’s no secret that mainstream news sites are experiencing increased exposure on social news sites like Digg. Back in March Soshable noted that 46% of the Digg front page is controlled by 50 websites. Major news sites have seen strong increases in social media referral traffic over the past couple years, and Digg continues to […]

Twitter Suggested Users – Today’s Studio 54 Velvet Rope

Studio 54 photograph by Peter L. Gould,

One of the ways that higher profile Twitter accounts have built up large numbers of followers is by being included among the “suggested users” shown to users signing up for a new account: Each new user has a group of 20 Twitter profiles suggested to them; one click of a button and they’re automatically following […]

Your Mom’s Coming to Facebook But She May Not Stick Around

US Facebook Audience Growth -

Inside Facebook published some new statistics this week on Facebook’s US audience growth over the last 60 days. Interestingly, users over 55 decreased by 650,000 during this period: This is a big change from the previous 60 days which had shown considerable growth in that demographic.

Newsweek Cares about (some of) your Tweets. Fox News Not so Much.

Newsweek Twitter Grader stats

I’ve been surprised by how many people choose to follow the main Twitter account of major news sites. I know in some cases it’s because they are featured as “suggested users” to people who sign up for a new Twitter account. But it seems like there are much better ways to monitor daily news feeds. […]