Journalists on Facebook: Official Pages or Subscribe Button on Regular Profiles?

Rebecca Jarvis CBS News on Facebook

I was talking with John Shehata from ABC News yesterday about Facebook, and he brought up an interesting question. What’s a better approach for journalists, creating official Facebook Pages or enabling the subscribe button on their regular profiles? Facebook is certainly encouraging the use of the new subscribe button. Journalists were specifically referenced in the […]

Will Media Outlets Keep Using Google+ Personal Accounts? Will Google Let Them?

Mashable Google+

Earlier this week Search Engine Land reported that Christian Oestlien, the Ads Lead for Google+, had posted a message asking businesses to hold off on using personal accounts to create business pages and that non-user profiles would be shut down. Quite a few media outlets have already created personal Google+ accounts and many of them […]

Is LinkedIn the New Old Boys Network?

Social media usage by age

According to the new Pew Internet study Social Networking Sites and our Lives there are nearly twice as many male LinkedIn users as female. What gives? So what accounts for this disparity? More males in the workforce? Do men prefer LinkedIn’s brand of simple, stripped down, business-oriented networking?

The Most Popular Summer Blockbuster Movies in Social Media

most popular summer blockbuster movies in social media

Alterian recently released some data on the most popular summer blockbusters in social media, focusing specifically on movies with May and June release dates. According to their data Fast Five and Thor are far and away the most popular summer movies with each getting 38%+ of social media activity among the selected group of films:

2011 NBA Playoffs: Head-to-Head Twitter Matchups by Klout Score

NBA Playoffs Eastern Conference - Klout

This year’s NBA playoffs have been great so far, a nice surprise considering it is still early in the second round. Since I like looking at the social media presence of NBA teams I thought I’d run the 2011 playoff teams through the beta version of the new Klout to see how the fare against […]

Grateful Dead Facebook Page: Great Use of Interactive Content

Grateful Dead Facebook wall post

Thanks to Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead we know that the band’s approach over the years offers useful insights for marketers. But how is the organization itself doing with social media today? Based on a current promotion on the Grateful Dead Facebook page I’d say they’re doing great. In support of the release of […]

Can Publishers Harvest Social Media Intent in a Meaningful Way?

Ideas for Social Media Intent

Many publishers are now doing a good job of developing social media strategies for brand awareness, content promotion and user engagement. And they’ve made good strides in utilizing social media monitoring and measurement to better understand user behavior and quantify the success of their efforts. But is it possible to extract user intent in a […]

Is Using Facebook Comments Good for Publishers?

Facebook Comments Box plugin

There were some interesting posts over the weekend from Steve Cheney and Robert Scoble on whether utilizing the Facebook Comments Box plugin kills or in fact increases user authenticity within on-site commenting. TechCrunch also shared that comments are down but quality is up since implementing the system and they’re going to stick with it for […]