I Hope News Corp Does Block its Content from Google

Rupert Murdoch

More developments in the Rupert Murdoch vs. Google saga today, as the Financial Times reports that discussions have taken place between News Corp and Microsoft on an exclusive deal with Bing that would lead to News Corp blocking its news sites (such as The Wall Street Journal) from Google.

NewsPulse Gives CNN.com a New Way to Showcase Popular Content

CNN NewsPulse comments

One of the more promising features in this week’s relaunch of CNN.com is NewsPulse, which surfaces popular content in a simple, user-friendly interface: (Click on the screenshot above to see a larger image)

Smart Move from Condé Nast: GQ and DETAILS Should Have Their Own Websites

There’s been a lot of coverage this week of Condé Nast bringing in McKinsey & Company to help them restructure the business which hopefully will work out for them. Props to Silicon Alley Insider for including a photo of the consultants from Office Space in their write-up. Tuesday’s announcement that GQ and DETAILS will get […]

The Daily Show Visits The New York Times

I couldn’t resist sharing this great video from The Daily Show of Jason Jones visiting The New York Times. The back-and-forth with Assistant Managing Editor Rick Burke about “aged news” is my favorite part.

So Far so Good for Seattlepi.com

Hearst released some numbers this week on how things are going with seattlepi.com two months after moving to an online-only model. From their statement: Two months after becoming the nation’s largest newspaper to move to an all-digital news model, seattlepi.com’s year over year numbers show that it has more users this April than last April, […]

Hitwise Reports News and Media’s Share of Search-Referred Traffic Declining

Hitwise Share of Search-Referred Traffic by Industry April 2009

According to data released by Hitwise a few days ago News & Media is one of the few categories showing a YoY decline in share of search-referred traffic: Fortunately the majority of sites we work with in this category are bucking the trend, as most are seeing strong improvements in YoY search engine referral traffic […]

New York Times Plans to Implement Permanent Redirects on IHT.com URLs

For anyone who’s been following the story of the shutting down of IHT.com and the migration of International Herald Tribune content to the New York Times Global Edition, there has certainly been criticism over the lack of permanent redirects from the old IHT.com URLs to the corresponding new URLs on NYTimes.com. It’s understandable that people […]